How Nitro Works

The Competition:

The Coles Nitro Athletics competition consists of a three night series of fast-paced, high-energy evening events at Lakeside Stadium, Melbourne, Australia in February 2017.

Nitro Athletics will feature Australia’s best as well as International all-star competitors, including Olympic Champion, Usain Bolt to fire up the competition.

The unique competition format will combine traditional athletic events with a new era of athletic practice.

Teams will consist of 12 men and 12 women working with unified strength to generate maximum power in order to gain team points. The main focus of the series of events will be on the athlete’s ability to apply speed and power, technique, endurance and team strategy.

Proceeding over the evening, will be twelve events with a point system focused on team performance rather than the individual.

Combined placings and overall performances will determine the team’s final event.



Twelve events each night based on the athletics principles of power, endurance, technique and teamwork.

Point score:

Team performance rather than individual performance is rewarded, with some events featuring individual results, but many focused on combined placings and performances to reach the final event score. Points will range from 100pts for 1st, to 40pts for 6th place in each event.

However, Nitro Athletics won’t simply be about highest, fastest or strongest.

Strategy and Tactics:

Each team will have the opportunity to level the playing field by using a ‘Nitro Power Play’, which will be drawn by random lot by each team captain at an event prior to the first meeting.

Nitro Power Play:

Double points for one selected event per team nominated by the team captain.

Nitro Turbo Charge:

Applying only in the long jump – nominating one jump where the athlete will attempt to clear a declared distance i.e. 8m for men / 6.60m for women. The Turbo Charge is declared on the runway before a jump.

False Starts:

Point penalties apply – 50pts first false start / 100pts second false start.

With these strategies put in action audiences and athletes alike can engage in a new era of Athletic competition that will excite, energise and intensify the competition to a whole new level – Nitro Level.


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