Australia’s fastest schoolboy Hale looks to fast future




Australian under 20 100m record holder Jack Hale (Tas) says going sub-10 seconds for 100m is a possibility in the next few years.

“Look, I’m only 18 now so I’ve got plenty of years still to come and I’m not putting any limits on myself,” Hale said.

“It’ll be about me doing the right things and the times will come.”

Hale is ranked as Australia’s 12th fastest over the distance when he ran 10.21 seconds in Germany at a pre-meet before the Under 20 World Championships.

“I think sub 10 is a big goal, for all sprinters it’s definitely the goal.”

Patrick Johnson is the only Australian ever to break the magical 10 second barrier when he did so in Mito, Japan in 2003 running 9.93.

Australia’s fastest ever schoolboy is currently racing for Team Australia at Coles Nitro Athletics Melbourne and said he is looking forward to the possibility of matching up against superstar sprinters Usain Bolt or Asafa Powell at Melbourne’s Lakeside Stadium.

“Look if the opportunity [to run against Bolt] came up that would be fantastic, I’m running second now in the relay so if they’re keeping the same format he should be running the back straight but I doubt it, but I’ll take it if it comes,” Hale said.

“Stepping on the track on Saturday night was just massive for me, especially having the home crowd, hopefully I can experience that in an individual run on Thursday night.”

Team Australia suffered a narrow 30 point loss to Usain Bolt’s All-Stars last Saturday night, and with tickets sold-out for the final on Saturday 11th, Hale has urged Australian track and field fans to come out to Lakeside Stadium for Thursday night’s show.

“I think tomorrow night will be huge, it’s your last chance to come along and watch the best athletes in the world compete. So if you are thinking about coming along, definitely make the effort.”

The order of runners for Thursday night’s Round 2 is yet to be confirmed, but Hale said he’d be happy to share the sprinting load between himself and fellow Team Australia sprinters Aaron Stubbs and Alex Hartmann.

“No matter who runs in the 100m it’s going to be an incredible field, if I can come up against Asafa in the 100m it would be huge for me,” Hale said.

“Especially as an 18-year-old it’s just massive,” he added.

During a media call with Visit Victoria on Wednesday, Hale, along with Nitro Athletics Team Australia teammates Liz Parnov, Ella Pardy and Riley Day with Bolt All-Stars athletes including Asafa Powell, Jenna Prandini, Christine Day, Kara Winger and Jarrion Lawson got the chance to pet some native Australian wildlife.

Asafa Powell was spooked when he came face-to-face with a black-headed python and later a fresh water crocodile. Hale, too, took a more tentative approach to meeting the wildlife.

“I’d much prefer to take on Bolt than face that croc again,” he laughed.

Tickets to Coles Nitro Athletics Melbourne are still available to purchase by CLICKING HERE.